GenZ, music, mates and money.

We recently went deep with 18-26 year old Aussie festival goers to chat all things money, mates and music.

And the landscape is definitely evolving. The ticketing game has changed, and reliance on outdated tactics risks disconnecting from this elusive demographic. Innovation isn't just a nice-to-have; it's essential for survival.

Here’s a taste of some key themes and what you’ll find inside...

Social dynamics

For GenZ, it’s as much about mates as it is the music. Making group decision making easy is key when it comes to marketing and getting social groups over the line.

New FOMOnomics

Late buying is here to stay. 
This requires event organisers to creatively motivate early ticket purchases through exclusive offers and incentives.

Value-driven mindset

With rising costs, GenZ are finding it harder to justify the cost of a night out. This demands a a focus on high-value experiences at transparent prices.

Swiping left on debt

We uncovered a healthy dose of scepticism around ‘buy now pay later’ products. GenZ are savvy and prefer to keep spending within their means.

Financial diversity

Not all two Zoomers are the same. Varying financial backgrounds call 
for flexible and thoughtful ticketing options, including group discounts 
and incentives.

Social payment challenges

Money with mates is awkward. 

There exists a need for streamlined and transparent payment solutions that simplify these interactions.

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