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Unlocking the potential of group bookings


Sell more tickets, earlier.

Drive group bookings and 3x your average tickets per order.

Drive more group bookings

With Backpocket, we help patrons commit to more tickets, earlier in the purchase cycle. Depending on the event, our average cart size sits between 4-6 tickets per order, all the way up to groups of 15. And it’s perfect for reserved seating.

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Reignite ticket sales

It’s been a tough few years. Turn on Backpocket and help convert more fence-sitters into committed bookings. Boost overall sales by capturing entirely new social circles.

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Customers love it

Backpocket is used and loved by thousands of Aussies making seamless group bookings. We average 4.9 out of 5 stars on Google reviews.

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Are you an Ecommerce business? Backpocket is also perfect for group gifts and experiences.


Unlock the potential of group bookings.

An insights report by Backpocket

Customers are enjoying the offering. It’s rare to find a piece of new technology in the ticketing space that genuinely solves a problem.

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What is Backpocket?
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Backpocket is an Australian-owned payments service that lets shoppers share payment at checkout with their mates.

How does it work?
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When booking online, customers simply checkout with Backpocket as the payment method, pay their share and the entire order is secured. We cover the rest and allow group members to settle up at their convenience via a simple payment link.

Backpocket fronts all the risk of all orders, with no extra costs, burdens or admin for merchants. It’s perfect for group experiences, ticketing, gifting and more!

How do I get it on my event or experience?
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The Backpocket payment gateway is available today at selected ticketing outlets.

Have your own store or booking platform? Integration is simple and fully backed by our support team. Contact us to learn more.

Is it just for tickets?
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No! Backpocket group payments is also perfect for group gifts, tours, experiences and travel. Get in touch to learn more about integrating with your checkout.

How much does it cost?
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Contact us to discuss pricing for your booking platform.

What are the costs for shoppers?
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Backpocket is free for shoppers. There are no additional, hidden or late fees.

Do customers have to download an app?
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No. Customers don’t require an app to fulfil their payment with Backpocket.

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