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Checkout with Backpocket and share payment with friends, for free.

Join thousands of Aussie’s paying with friends.

Such an amazing platform, I wish it had been around longer! I was able to book an event for myself and my friends then send them the link to Backpocket to complete their own payment so I didn’t have to cover the bill if they didn’t pay. Really easy to use and genius idea!


May 2023

I think this is an absolutely genius idea. Well done and props to whoever thought and made this. Extremely simple to use I cannot stress enough how good this is. Wow. Just wow. Thankyou :)


July 2023

Awesome, got the crew together for a fun event we had planned. Locked in the required number of tickets and everyone paid up in record time without any need to shell out for the entire booking. GOLD!


May 2023

Backpocket makes getting your mates to pay for concert & festival tickets super easy! No need to ask them all to pay you back later and chase them for $$$. I would recommend!


October 2023

Make group bookings a breeze.

The payment method that saves you the headache of paying with friends.

Find us at checkout

No app required.

Just add your order to cart and pay with Backpocket. It’s free to use!

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Secure everyone's ticket

Don’t stress about mates missing out. Purchase all your tickets, pay your share and flick your Backpocket link to the group chat.
Clip of an SMS saying' hey I've sorted the tix, click the link to pay your share!'Screenshot of the Backpocket product showing a list of who has paid and who hasn't
A list of tedious tasks that are usually done when purchasing tickets and trying to chase friends

Skip the money hassles.

Don’t foot the bill

Think of us as that (awesome) friend who foots the bill at dinner. Only pay your share upfront and your group has a week to settle up. No sign up or app required for friends to pay.

Pay with friends, not instalments.

Forget Buy Now Pay Later. We don’t do debt, interest, or any extra fees. We’re just here to make it easy to get your crew organised and out of the house!

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Lock in your crew

Buy all your tickets with Backpocket. It’s free to use.

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Only pay your share

No waiting. Your group’s tickets are purchased & secured. Just flick your friends the link.

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Friends pay theirs

Your group has a week to pay. No sign-ups or app required.

Pay with friends and save

A frictionless checkout experience that earns you instant savings for paying with friends. Book with Backpocket today!


What is Backpocket?
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Backpocket is an Australian-owned service that lets shoppers share payment at checkout with their mates. No more chasing up cash or stressing about footing the bill.

Paying with Backpocket is free for all users and does not affect your or your friends credit score or rating.

How does it work?
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Checkout with Backpocket as the payment method, pay your share and your booking is instantly secured!

We cover the rest and give your crew a week to settle up with Backpocket. Just forward them the payment link. No app or sign up required. All for free and no hidden fees.

The best bit? All your tickets are purchased and on their way to your inbox as soon you pay that first share. We don’t ‘hold’ anything. They’re all yours. Instantly.

What if my friends don’t pay?
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Your group has 7 days to settle up with Backpocket. As the Group Organiser, you’ll be charged any outstanding amount if the split remains overdue. There are no late fees.

But don’t stress, if your group needs help or some extra time, just let us know.

You may also be able to get a refund/cancellation from the seller (subject to their T&C’s).

Backpocket also makes it super easy to invite someone new with your link - just chuck it in the group chat!

When is the booking complete?
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When you checkout with Backpocket your booking is secured and processed immediately. Your entire purchase will be sent to the group organiser immediately.

It’s just like paying with any other payment service, the only difference is you only pay your share.

Is it free to use?
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Backpocket is completely free to use for all group members. No app needed and we don’t charge any fees, ever.

Backpocket makes money by charging sellers to use our unique checkout service. That’s how we stay fee free for customers, forever. Yeah really. It’s free.

Do my friends need to sign up?
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No account, app or registration is needed for friends to pay. Just share the link and they can pay instantly. It’s fuss-free.

I have other questions
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You can contact us using the chat icon on the lower right of the page. Or email us at

Let's do this

Pay with friends, not instalments.
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