The 6 types of friends you'll encounter when organising a group hangout

November 14, 2023
The 6 Types of Friends You'll Encounter When Organising a Group Hangout

Organising a group hangout is like herding a bunch of cats - it's a total clusterfudge. But that's the beauty of it, because your squad is filled with different characters that make it worth the effort. Here are the types of friends you'll probably come across:

The Flaky Friend

You know that one friend who's always like, "I'm down for whatever, dude," but then ghosts you when it's time to commit? Yeah, that's the flaky friend. They'll say they're in, but then disappear into thin air when you're counting on them. Classic.

The Latecomer

There's always that one pal who can never show up on time, even if their life depended on it. They'll swear they're "on their way," but you know they're probably still in their jammies binge-watching Netflix. SMH.

The Indecisive Friend

This friend is the one who can't make up their mind about anything. They'll ask a gazillion questions and still won't give you a straight answer about the plan. Just make a decision, for Pete's sake!

The Over-Committed Friend

This friend is always double-booked and has a calendar that makes your head spin. They'll say they're coming to your shindig, but then realise they already made plans with another group of friends. Ugh, why do they have to be so popular?

The Forgetful Friend

This friend always forgets something, like their keys, their phone, or their wallet. They'll show up without any means of paying and expect you to foot the bill. Oh, and good luck trying to remember if they owe you money. rolls eyes

The Excited Friend

This friend is always amped for a good time and is the first to say they're coming. They'll text you non-stop leading up to the event, counting down the days until you all hang out. A little too excited? Maybe. But you can't deny their enthusiasm is contagious.

Embrace the craziness of planning a group event and enjoy the ride. Who knows what shenanigans your friends will get up to next? Just be sure to bring your sense of humour!

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